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"Sowing Seeds of Faith, Reaping a Harvest of Results" -- Cequita Clark

                                                                          Welcome To ASCA,


Thank you for visiting our website.  ASCA is a non-profit

Christian Academy that serves children 6 wks - 5th grade. Here at ASCA we specialize in working with students diagnosed with low to moderate learning disabilities, such as ADHD and ADD. With our small class size and student teacher ratio, we are able to monitor the student's progression.


We believe that every child can learn. We make every effort to determine your child's learning style. Based on the observation and information obtained, we use one or all of the eight learning styles to help make your child a successful learner. We also believe that learning should not be restricted to a classroom; and students should have more life experience learning.   We hope that our website is helpful during your search for information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.


"If I give my students the answers to every question they asked me, they will never learn; but if I show them how to research to find the answer, they will always know more than I could ever teach them." - Cequita Clark


Warmest Regards,  Cequita Clark  Owner/Teacher

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